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Is this creepy?


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Sooooo.... I feel kind of awkward talking about this with anyone so I thought I could try this forum

I'm a senior in high school, so 18 years old. I started at a new job last week. The awkward thing here is that after just two shifts I ended up having a one night stand with a 25-year-old guy who was training me for the job. I don't regret the whole thing or anything, but he has been eager to actually get to know me and to make things more serious


1) Is the age difference super creepy? Should I give him a chance? He's a really nice guy but 7 years is a lot.

2) my friends have kind of been judging me about the whole thing. So any tips on how to handle that?


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I would be more concerned with him being a co-worker, rather than the age difference. As long as you're comfortable with each other, that should be what matters. (Women are often more mature than men anyway so it may even out. :) )

As he seems to be interested in you as a person, rather than just "getting a free orgasm from a willing female", you might have found someone you can have a high quality relationship with. Only time will tell if you've made the right decision by becoming intimate with him.

Regarding your friends, you might want to advise them to wait and see what happens, just like the rest of us (yourself included). ;)

Good luck, hon. I hope things work out for you both. ☺



1) No, the age difference is not super creepy. But be careful about getting involved with someone who is your superior at work. There's an immediate power imbalance there, in his favour. Not a good place to start. (Is he your superior? You describe him as 'the guy who was training' you.)

2) "Friends" + "Judging" = "Does not compute!"



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Me and my husband have 6 n half years age gap and it has always been in my favour. He is very protective of me and cares for me. Sometimes I even feel he might be younger than me based on his actions ;). However, the point being that age gap is not going to be a problem as far as you are serious about each other.


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