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Is this common for guys who are considered "exceptionally attractive"?


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There used to be a guy at my school up until a few months ago who was considered extraordinarily attractive;
he was about 6'8 tall, had the body of a muscular Greek god, and a very beautiful face with very beautiful eyes.
One thing that I noticed pretty often was that girls who he didn't know would walk up to him and ask for a date, and sometimes a group of girls could walk up to him and be like "heeey..." and touch his arms or his chest and then run away giggling, or they would stand some distance away and try to look alluring for him (wink, play with their hair while looking at him, take off a piece of clothing etc).
And of course, several of them ended up having some form of sexual relationship with him, although they seemed mostly focused on pure sex, or to make out with him.
I had a short sexual relationship with him myself, and the first time we were about to have sex and we had just got into the cowgirl position, I got an orgasm before we had even started doing anything, and then I was just sitting there with my eyes closed and moaned and bit my lips in my own world.
He didn't seem surprised - he was mostly amused - and we kinda just laughed it off and got down to business again.
Then I would try to meet him as often as I could, and we met maybe 2-3 times a week (which felt like far too little!), and every time we would have sex literally for several hours.
Then a month later he dumped me and started dating someone else - and they seemed to have about the same type of relationship, where she also was focused mostly on his body.

Is this a normal scenario for exceptionally super-attractive guys like him?
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I don't know whether it's the norm (though I know of many incidences where this exact thing happens): a guy who can get lots of girls to make out with him will accept whatever the girl is offering but he doesn't respect her.
He just uses her and then when he gets tired of her, he dumps her and makes out with someone else.
Then the first girl (in this case, you) often feels bad because she developed feelings for the boy but she realizes (too late) that he didn't really care about her but was just using her.

The moral is: even if we're attracted to someone, don't have sex with him until we know he cares about us and isn't just going to use us. ;)