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Is skincare like playing a puzzle game?

I feel that after reading numerous reviews and articles about skincare and skincare routines, it makes me think that skincare is like a puzzle game. I've been searching for answers but all I had to do was more trial and error and listening to expert advice. Don't you agree? It's like a " If you never try, you'll never know" type of thing.


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It possibly has to do with the fact that different skin can react differently to different products/substances. So we have to try out different things to see which works best for us. :)


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I agree. I have problem skin and I have been trying to improve it all my life. At first, everyone told me that this is puberty and that it will pass. But I'm 22 and I'm still fighting for clean skin. I tried a lot of tips. Some helped only a little, some did not help at all. I asked for advice from friends who also struggled with this. What helped them didn't help me. So I'm still looking for a lifesaver for my skin and it's already annoying because it's been going on for a long time.
I want to go outside without makeup and not complex because of it.