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Is homosexuality on the increase...?

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Lol... I wonder if anyone else is going to get in on this thread?? It almost feels like we've all said our piece?? Hopefully someone new revives it?? I really enjoyed this topic


hey gurls.... lotts discussions of=n gays n all huh ;) Well here's my opinion... I find Gay men more understanding and emotional n fashion conscious than straight men.. ;) U can go shoppn wt the gay n he would get the best dress selected 4 u ... lol

the homosexual relationship is fine. but just because its so hyped now.... ppl who r straight also tends to try out this kinda relationship, as it grabs a lot of attention..

Its someone's personal issue..But publicising it just coz its a trend sounds really weird.
I love all my gay guy friends.. They are the most fun and loyal guys.. I have a couple of lesbian and Bi sexual girl friends too. They really know how to party!! Lol.

My other straight friends seem to be a little bit intimidated by my openly sexual friends. I guess with a little more awareness and understanding they'll learn to relax around them


There is no rise in homosexuality, just more people coming out now. It doesn't mean that they wouldn't have been gay thirty years ago, just that they would have hidden it before.

You see it was illegal for a long time. Beyond that, it was so frowned upon and so often attacked by others that homosexuals were too afraid to come out.


Hidden, do you actually know any gay people? Because I find your statement to be one of the most ridiculous that I've seen when it comes to being gay. I have a lot of gay friends and not one "chose" to be gay - it's just the way they are. Every single one of them has faced prejudice from their families, friends and the general public. Some had their families completely disown them. I can't imagine their are too many people that want that type of attention.

I do not believe homosexuality is on the increase. Being open about being gay is on the increase. There is a difference. More and more people are realizing that being gay is not a choice that people make or an aberration of nature or anything else like that. Gay people are taking more of a stand on their rights as human beings and being open about their orientation. Gay people have always been there but too afraid to come out to the world in the past.
I'm not sure if it is on the increase or if it is just that people don't feel the need to hide their homosexuality as much any more and if that's the case I think it's great.


I believe that homosexuality is on the increase. I agree that as it becomes more accepted, more people have become comfortable in coming out. However, I also think that as the society becomes acceptable of fads and more appreciative of different lifestyles, people are experimenting more. Some experiments end up to be more than that.


I think you see more of it because it's more accepted now. People aren't afraid to come out and tell their families and friends that they love someone of the same sex. I personally don't care who people love and want to live with. That's their business not mine.


Honestly, this doesn't matter. Homosexuals, heterosexuals, we're all the same. We're all human.

I think that this homophobic thing is a lot like racism, if you ask me. People discriminating against each other. History does repeat itself, and humans are too stupid to learn from their mistakes. :'( Don't be a hatin' homophobe.


Well said Suzyk.
I don't think it's on the increase I just think it's more acceptable now so more people don't hide it - I mean not so long ago it was an imprisonable offence so no wonder people didn't shout it from the rooftops.

My sister is gay and she has faced a lot of rubbish in her time from girls refusing to get changed in the locker room at work while she is there to people - so called 'friends' - physically attacking her after one to many on a night out. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you fancy everyone of the same sex that has a pulse - it's like saying every hetrosexual woman fancies every man with a pulse. This sort of attitude really makes my blood boil.


There have been some very informed and sensible responses here and also some that I find absolutely horrifying.

Being gay isn't a choice, and it isn't a "fad".

As for Homophobia:



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here is an old and very wise expression...live and let live...how is this issue REALLY affecting you and your life??
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