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Is He Just Overly Friendly or I Should I Stay Away From Him?


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Hello! Me American F(20) living in Germany, have been hanging around with a friend M(25) and his friend M(23). We have hung out every weekend for about 4 weeks now and his friend creeps me out for no reason. He seems to take a liking to me but for some reason I don't feel safe around him. He had made several creepy remarks about getting me drunk and is some what possessive over me. I don't know if he is just overly friendly but we went to a festival this weekend, for the whole entire time he was making sure that I was glued by his side at all times (during the night I felt like I needed some space). As the night went on, I got drunk. M(23) went on a ride with some people from our work and me and my friend M(21) were holding their drinks, after they got off of the ride me and M(21) ran off to get another drink alone, soon after M(23) called us asking where we were at. After 30 to 45 mins of walking around and moving from one place to another. He found us shortly after, M(21) had to leave and I was alone with M(23) again. When it was time for us to go home, I wanted to go back to my place and sleep since I didn't feel comfortable sleeping at his place drunk, but he made some excuses saying that I couldn't go home because I was underage drinking. Even though I told him I wanted him to drop me off back at my place he said no and brought me back to his place. During the night, we watched movies together and he gave me some more to drink, I asked him if he would like to have some of my drink because I really didn't want to finish it but he didn't want any, nothing happened after that and I fell asleep on the the couch while he went to his bed But sometime during the night I woke up to him standing near the couch looking at me, shortly after, he left the room and I went back to sleep not thinking about it. Then when I woke up in the morning I asked him if he was in the room at the time I woke up, but he denied it saying that he wasn't there. Am I just paranoid or is there something else going on? What should I do?


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You have every reason to not feel safe around him, hon. When a guy tries to get a woman drunk, it's usually so he'll get her to do something she wouldn't normally do if she were sober.
Please make sure you never leave your drink unattended - too many guys will try to slip something into a woman's drink so she won't be in her full mental faculties and he can have sex with her, kidnap her, etc. I know it sounds paranoid but there are too many women that this has happened to.

You might remind him of someone he used to know.

He might have been sleep-walking (that night) but I wouldn't drink alcohol around him, just to be on the safe side.

I'm glad nothing happened that night but it could have turned out much different, much worse.

Please be safe. :)