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Is age a big deal??


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So there's this guy I work with that I'm crushing HARD for. The issue is that he's seven years older than me... Normally I wouldn't go for someone this much older than me but this guy is amazing. We talk all day at work and its not just small talk. We talk about everything like our plans for the future, tattoos we wanna get and our favorite foods. I genuinely enjoy talking to him and actually look forward to working when I'm working with him. He'll hug me hello when I get to work and tell me things like how I brighten everyone's day. I've never met another guy like him. I could sit there for hours talking to him, he makes me feel like I've found someone perfect for me. He laughs at all my jokes and makes me feel amazing about myself. I could go on and on talking about him. But like I mentioned before, he's seven years older than me. I'm not sure if I'm being insane crushing on him or if it's worth it to put the effort in here. Please help me with your input!!


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So I just bumped in to your topic and I'm not sure what the status is right now. But in my opinion it really depends on how old you are right now.
The reason behind that is because like... when you're 14-17 your brain works waay differently than someone that is 7 years older than you. But from 18 or 20 years on, an age difference of 7 years does not really matter that much. of course it will always be an age difference of 7 years, but if you're happy.. he's happy and you have a healthy relationship. I don't see why it would matter :)


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i used to have the same i fancied someone who was 7 years older than me as well i dont think there is an issue with it tbh my mom was 16 when she had me and my had was 25 so i dont think its a issue but it can be risky sometimes but i suggest go for it x


Unless you're really young, like in your teens, I don't see any problem with it. Lots of people hit it off despite age gaps. My parents are 10 years apart and they're very happy. Chemistry doesn't go by age limitations. If it's there it's there.