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Insecure about my body


New Member
How do I style a sleeve less fit without the constant anxiety of getting body shamed for my big arms? I hate my arms I’m not a big girl or plus sized it’s just all my fat sits on my arms and I have relatively large shoulders. Anybody else who have the same problem? I want wear a cute top but my arms can’t show and the shirt can’t sit tight on my arms! And I want all my shirts to be black that way I appear smaller!


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You might like to wear a light shawl around your shoulders so that it covers your arms. Or maybe sew loose-fitting sleeves onto your sleeveless tops?

If people are body-shaming you, hon, they have a problem. It isn't about you anymore. It's about them and how they probably don't like themselves very much so they project how they feel about themselves, onto you. ;)


New Member
First of all, don't loose your self esteem and confidence. It is not only you, but thousands out there who have some sort of, I would say, unique beauty features.

I am a fashion designer and I have seen many people, especially women feeling insecure about their body. They want us to design dresses in a way that it hides their tummy, thighs, arms, etc. But what I would say, is that, be confident. be assured that you are lovely, pretty.

If you don't look like that model on the billboard, then also remember that the model on billboard also don't look like many.