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Good day everyone

I don't know if this is allowed here but I'll go ahead and state my cause.

For years, the youths in my country, Nigeria, have being terrorized by the police force and it has gotten worse recently.

The police extort, terrorized and murder people under the guise of them being internet fraudster. Most people are scared to carry their laptops or phones outside because of fear.

The government have been nonchalant and unresponsive.

So many lives have been lost during this protest but we can afford to back out now because if we do it would spell doom for us

Please we need support from every part of the world. We're using the thread #endsars on every social media platform. Even a retweet or tweet is enough to bring us a little closer to our liberation.

Thank you.



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Thank you for telling us about this. This is a problem we see so often: too many people have power and don't know how to use it without abusing it.


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It's been trending for days. We've been protesting and rallying but the government has refused to do anything. Sometimes the police officers forcefully break into people's homes to arrest them.

Thank you so much.


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We're not going to give up, this is not just about our present but also our future. If we don't win this fight now, I don't know what will happen to us