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I'm not real close to my brother.

Tessa Andrews

New Member
I have a 17-year-old brother, and he never spends any time with us. He's always talking on the phone with his girlfriend, playing his Nintendo Switch, and we never really talk to each other. Do you have some ideas to help us become closer????


Staff member
Maybe you could invite his girlfriend over and the three of you (or the four of you, if you have a significant other) could hang out together, maybe even go on a picnic/a day's outing/camping trip together. Hopefully he won't play with his Nintendo so much if his girlfriend is nearby.
As you're both becoming older, you may eventually move apart and won't see each other as often. It's important that he enjoys the time with you that he has left.

Your brother is very fortunate to have a caring sister like you, who wants to spend time with him. :)