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Idk what to do please please HELP!


New Member
Idk whats happening really but to start off I can tell you that my grandpa is a horrible person and i know that doesn't even make sense because i find that everyone's grandpa is great. Except mine. And ive gotten to the point where i want to completely just punch him everytime i see him and call him any horrible name i could think of because it suits him. I feel kinda bad though because everyone seems to hate him.

Hes mean to everyone. He orders my grandma around and they never really stay at their house and always travel around to their kids' houses. I HATE IT WHEN THEYRE AT MINE. My dad hates him because i guess stuff happened and my grandpa always puts my dad down and dod
It when he was a kid despite how intelligent brilliant and loving he is yo everyone. He orders my kom around like shes a maid and she basically hates his guts like guys let me yell you my parents a seriously the greatest and they dont deserve any of the shit he gives them. Then my grandma again so yeah every two seconds you can hear him talking in a snakelike whisper (if someones around) to her or yelling at her about how shes stupid or fat or doesnt listen to him. LIKE EFF OFF YOU'RE CRUEL. Im sorry :/

He always barges into my room too but thats another story and gives me lectures on how
Im a bad kid
And could improve. Like all i ever did was be an honor student and listen to my parents like dont tell me how
I could be a better kid keeep that advice for YOURSELF.

Im sorry that this is horrible but it really is all true.

Now coming to the real point. Today i was waiting for someone in the car with my mom
And she was like "do you know what your grandpa did?" "Nevermind you wont understand." I was like TELL ME. And shes like no. WTF DID MY GRANDPA DO I WANT TO KNOW. I just dont think it couldve been worse than what hes already done as i described above but IDK please help.
Sounds like grandpa is a bully. Just keep out of his way and let the grown-up deal with him.
Be sure always tell Mom and Dad when he has talked to you.
It is possible he has no hobby or life of his own, he also my be ill causing him to feel he need to be depending on everyone, so he pesters everyone else.
Maybe he needs a hobby, something to make him a happier person.
Maybe you should be feeling a little sorry for him, it sounds like he is not happy with himself. People who are happy, tend to see others in a positive way, and visa versa.