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Identify the wingman


~Dominus Fecit.~
Hey Ladies,

There's a guy in my Japanese-class I really like. One day when I headed home and went out of the building he stood at the entrance with his friend, who was smoking (It's a university-class so don't worry, he's not a minor.
I didn't really pay attention and since the door was rather small, I felt a little uncomfortable, having to pass through the narrow passage left between them. So I just ignored them, since we haven't really ever talked. But suddenly the guy I like (let's call him L) said goodbye to me with like the cutest smile on earth. And just after I replied, his friend (let's call him N) mumbled a goodbye as well.
The next time we met, he smiled at me each time we looked at each other in class or had to interact.
His friend N is kind of the type of person I always stay away from. He is just too loud, an absolute know-it-all and to be honest I don't really liked him. Never have I thought of having anything to do with him.
This was a mutual feeling, I've assumed, since he just ignored me when we were alone. N used to live in my street and even when we met at the train stop he just acted as if he wouldn't notice me (out of a sense of awkwardness I guess.) He never talked to me and he never looked at me.
This wouldn't change eventhough he sat next to me at the beginning of this semester. I had to do a group-work with him and a girl in our first lesson, but N seemed to be rather interested in the other girl.
The next week was when I became suspicious. L came in and instead of taking a seat next to N as usual - which now also was next to me - he sat down behind me.
N also seemed surprised by that and asked why he was sneaking through the room, but maybe it was just due to him being late and not wanting to distract anyone.
I turned around, meeting his gaze and we happened to stare at each other for almost 5 secs, before I turned back around.
I did the pair-work with another new boy in class.
Leaving that day, I found him talking to another girl so I just left.
Only one day after, N suddenly sent me a mail - introducing a YT-channel he likes to learn Japanese with. He wrote he just sent it to everyone from the course, but when I asked my friend she said she received nothing. As a reminder - he never talked to me before but I thought let's give it a try and replied.
N still didn't talk to me in class eventhough he always writes essays in his mails.
I rushed past L the other day after class (who again was waiting there for N), catching his gaze again but there was no smile this time so I went on talking with my friend in the hallway.

I'm pretty confused right now.
First it appeared to me that N might be some kind of wingman for L. But now I think it could actually be the other way round. If L has been N's wingman in the first place, why would he then show interest in me as well?
I guess I just could talk to them, but since N hasn't took notice of my feelings for L yet, I don't want to get in between their friendship.

Someone having an idea on what's going on? I just want to get all of this off of my head.

- Laura.
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