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I want to buy jewelry online..


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Hi Gals, I'm trying to find jewelry online, preferably gold. Is it a wise choice to get it online or by the physical store instead?


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I think I'd go with a neighborhood store that's been around for a while, where other people have gone to and have been happy with the service and quality of the jewelry (and they have a good return policy, in case you get a second opinion on the jewelry and it's not the level of quality you were told it was).

Sometimes when we buy something online and we try to get our money back, it's very difficult (if not impossible).


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Agree with the above view. If you want to buy expensive jewelry, going to a nearby store is more authentic and more trusted. But if it is cheap fashion accessories, you can buy them online. After all, online jewelry has richer styles and cheaper prices.
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I will definitely have to agree with the option of looking for a bigger variety of jewelry that is available online! I mean yeah I also like to visit my local shops mainly due to the fact that I have a lot of friends who are making their own jewelry and sell them.
That's interesting! I would love to buy it if my friends were to make them too.


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There are a lot of online stores available on internet, you can search on google. There is really nothing to fear when deciding to shop online for jewelry. it is completely safe to buy Jewelry online.