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I really need some advice plese!

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Secret Wish

New Member
Well, basically im 16 (almost) and never fallen deeply in love since i was 11 when i experienced my first love. The thing is i'm mature for my age, and im not irresponsable At all, but i've always had eyes for older guys. I was 11 and he was 15 , and we had a really close friendship. We liked eachother but never told eachother. Older guys are Just my thing you know... Im really carefull and always have my eyes open, so dont think i'm an easy target at all.
So I started to like this guy... hes everything ive ever wanted.... he doesn't live in my city, but theres only 80km distance. We share a lot of tastes... one of them is writing... and the way he smiles And helps me always makes my heart linger... I think you've figured out the problem right? Yea... hes four years older... and treats me like a little sister. He goes out and stuff and i understand that, but sometimes its hurts when he calls me 'sister' i try to keep my distance but he knows how to touch my heart...
Now im mad at him not for something hes done but because he makes me feel this way.... because hes really ignorant about my feelings, and says hes worried about me when i really wanted him to know that my problem is HIM. he treats me like a sister and then is jealous when i made a new guy friend. I just wanted to tell him but i promised myself that i would tell him face to face how i feel...
Shoul i respond to his messages or stay away from him?
And what can i do about these feelings?
Please dont be mean... I know its not a normal situation but its how i really feel :(

Citlalli Lopez

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You should reply back, he might feel guilty and may not want to talk to you anymore, which could ruin any chances with talking to him again.Don't feel bad about these feelings! This happens to nearly everyone and are mostly solved by confronting them. However don't bring it up all of a sudden, plan out an entire conversation that will lead up to you revealing your feelings to him. About the guy friend thing, just explain it's just a friend nothing more. I hope for the best for you! :)


If he gets jealous when you make a new guy friend, there's a good chance that he likes you. I say take the risk and tell him how you feel. If you don't, he could feel the same way, and you would never know and could totally have missed out on an awesome relationship. If you find he doesn't want a relationships, at least you tried. But I would definitely respond to his messages and give him a chance. It sounds to me like he likes you. :)
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