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I need your help!!!

I dont know what to do. Me and my cousin are totally opposite, but we have been like sisters ever sense birth. We have only small differences in our age sense I was born in may and she December. But I think that these days we are starting to drift apart and it make me really sad and well today she has been complaining about everything I do. So I deleted her on snapchat and shut off my phone. I feel super empty and I just can't stop crying... And well it kind of made my depressed and I normally speak on phone with her when I get depression or start to get a panic attack... I do I solve this. I mean I love my cousin, but it feels like she's leaving me and it makes me scared, cause she has always been there for me and she is actually acting like a bitch. She only acts like a bitch when she hates someone... So yeah... Any advice? I really wanna make up with her... Oh and now that I think about it this started after she started high school and heard I am Bisexual.... Is it because of me? I mean I am still me and acting normal... Please help me...:(
Nar, it seems to me that you need to discuss your feelings with your cousin and see how you can compromise. did she say anything to you about your sexual preference i assume she is traditional sexually. boxing up your feelings will solve nothing. honesty is best approach to return to your great relationship with your cousin. get everything out in the open and understand her emotions so you can come to an understanding and agreement on a solution or determine it is a lost cause and your relationship cannot be salvaged.
Oh yeah well she tried to call me... And all this is because of her one friend who added me on snapchat and I accidentally send her friend gm... And when i tried to explain she hang up on me...And well... She said I have changed... well I think it might be true because right now my school life is much better because i have lot of friends in my new school and I am not bullied. And well she says that I will ruin her popularity... Well excuse me.. I just try to be myself and not to act like someone i am not... I really do feel bad... And I spend good hour outside where it is freezing! And cried... Now I hope everything is going to turn great.,.. as long as she doesnt care about her popularity more then our friendship...
so you have decided to terminate your relationship with your cousin for the future? or you think you can patch up your relationship with het.

i am confused between your crying vs. saying i hope everything is going turn great
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