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I need help making an awkward situation positive


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Okay, so here is a long one:
(btw, i am a highschool junior but i don’t know if that’s relevant)

On the first day of school in calc class, all of my friends got to the class early and sat together. There was no more space left for me so I had to sit with another group of girls I don’t know very well and those seats became our permanent seats. Even though I’m shy around new people, I became pretty good acquaintances with the girls at my table (or, we could joke about how challenging the class is and other menial things).

For some reason, our teacher changed changed our seats using some random generator. I ended up with a group of boys that I don’t know at all and even though there have only been two classes since, it feels like I’ve been stuck in hell for an eternity. It’s very awkward because I have never really had male friends so my shyness is just intensified. It doesn’t help that one of the boys is very arrogant and likes to criticize what everyone says. The second boy is quiet and while he seems sweet, I have no idea how to start a conversation. The third boy seems pretty chill, but there is nothing to say so it’s just a deafening silence among us.

This should probably be irrelevant but the first two boys are -ahem- quite pleasing to the eye which also worsens my inability to say anything beyond, “What did you get for 4b?”

I think this situation just highlights the fact that I am very dependent on my friends and have never had to make acquaintances on my own.

I don’t know them well enough to try and talk about topics we all relate to. If you managed to read this far, how do I improve the situation?
All suggestions appreciated.


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I've been in that situation, too, but I was fortunate because our teacher didn't want us talking in class. So I just said hi when I first sat down and then just responded to whatever they said.

As you've only had a few classes together, the boys might be feeling as awkward as you feel.
The boy, who is very arrogant and likes to criticize what everyone says, may be using his obnoxious behavior to mask his discomfort (though I wouldn't necessarily want to have a conversation with him anyway, as long as he continues his annoying behavior). You might find that no one wants to talk to him anyway.

It's normal to feel awkward and shy around strangers, especially boys. Things should improve as the days and weeks go by, when you all start to get into a routine and become more familiar with each other.
At least you'll have something to talk about with your friends (and your new acquaintances). They may be going through a similar situation with their group, too. :)