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I Need Help! Does He Like Me? What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?

  • Just stay friends!

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  • Tell A you like him!

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Kelsey Grace

New Member
Hello everyone! I've liked this guy ever since we've become good friends and I'm looking for some advice from someone I don't personally know. (We'll call him A)

Over the course of this year I've gotten to know A by sitting next to him in class and we've also worked on a couple of enrichment projects together. Soon we started talking to each other outside of class and became good friends. In January, I felt that I could trust him enough to tell him something personal, something I'd only told two other people at the time. I wrote him a note which I gave him right before we left school on a Friday so that I'd have the weekend to think about the stupid decision I had made. He was supportive and offered to talk to me about it anytime I needed, and I didn't know how to take that.

The next Monday, I'd noticed a change in the way he acted around me. It wasn't a bad change, he just acted more like himself. He also made excuses to be by me and excuses to touch me. For example, he would give me high fives over the smallest things. Again, something I didn't know how to take.

A couple weeks later I started to notice him complimenting me more, staring at me, etc. His close friend also started to make "jokes" about us "liking each other." I remember one time that friend asked A to sit next to him, (he was sitting next to me) and A said, "No, I think I'll stay by Kelsey." He immediately regretted saying that when his friend started making love hearts with his hands. A then went to sit by his friend.

Things like this continue to happen, as we grow closer as friends. I'm too scared and too socially awkward to ask for his number or do anything like that. I'm really confused about this and I just want everything to work out. Thanks to everyone who read this, I could write a whole book about all this. If you do have any advice, please help, I really need it!


sandy brady

Active Member
i find that generally when people start saying a male and female like each other its generally true because they see you from an unbiased point of view.
So , I do think he likes you back , just take it easy and just continue being the way you are with him until you get a more sturdy hint from him x


Active Member
if you are into this guy as it appears you can let him know by sitting real close to him and respond to his touchy feely actions by smiling and eye contact. when you see him approaching you smile, eye contact and give a special wiggle in your body for him only. when he flirts with you be very receptive to him. avoid displaying affection for other guys. casually mention you are not in a relationship with anyone else.

Kelsey Grace

New Member
Thanks for your suggestions!

I've definitely found that since I've posted this that he's become more "close" with me, and I can tell we are for sure friends. He can tell if I'm sad, annoyed, etc. and will make sure I'm okay. He'll ask me what's wrong and stuff, but he makes sure to respect my privacy.

I've also noticed that he and his friend(s) will get in a group and chat (like always,) except they may look at me for long periods of time while continuing to talk, and maybe point at me or other similar jesters.

I have spoken to a couple of friends and they agree that he likes me, so I may let him know my feelings towards the end of the school year. Maybe ask for his number them tell him via text message.

Again, this is all just a mess so I really appreciate the feedback, thanks!

(Also, rabbithabit, I do have a special smile for him which I'm pretty sure he knows about.)
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Active Member
guys appreciate special attention like a gesture or smile you give to him only over other dudes you meet. Congrats on your progress to date