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I kissed my teacher


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First of all I apologize for the spelling and grammatical errors. I'm not a native speaker and only came here to be safe that noone that should not read this can do so.
Second: I am 24, my classmates are everything from 20 to mid40s, the teacher is in his mid 30s. So none of this (except one thing maybe) is illegal.

I am a nursing student and went on a three day long trip with my class and two teachers about a week ago.
In the evenings we sat together played bowling and drank some wine.
I've been struggling with depression an social anxiety for three years now and the evenings there were the first time in years where I felt totally relaxed and could be myself (or so I thought).
On the second evening we were sittinng around a big table and we all (Including teacher nr.1) were quite drunk. We joked around and I (relaxed as I was) said something sarcastic to the teacher and he answered in a similar manner. (He is the "in-a-funny-way-mean" kind of guy and I was 100% sure he wouldn't be mad at me for this)
Later that night three girls came to me and told me to apologize to the teacher when we were both sober because they thought he was angry with me.
This (and the fact that the girls who told me are people I don't really get along with) triggered my anxiety and I went for a short walk outside with a friend. Later when we were back inside I asked my teacher if I could talk to him a little.
He told me that he never was mad at me for saying stupid/funny/mean things and that I should stop to worry so much. We continued to talk in another room and he bought another bottle of wine.
In the end we were all really drunk and went to bed. When my friends were in their rooms there was just my teacher and me.
I thanked him for his reassuring words and asked (drunk as I was) if I could hug him goodnight. He said yes, I hugged him, he leaned in and somehow we ended up kissing and making out in another room.

The next morning wasn't really funny because the whole class was quite hungover. When we had lunch the teacher sopped me in the hall and told me he had forgotten his jacket in the room and it was discovered by some other students (murphys law: the three I don't really get along with). He thought they might know about what happened.
We invented a story that could explain what happened to the others (in case someone asks) and that was until now the last time I've seen him. Next week we have a course with him so this will probably be a little bit weird.

Has someone of you had a similar experience? I am a mess right now (i don't have a crush on him or anything) but I am quite uncertain what to do and how to react in his presence
I won't tell anyone of the other classmates and I don't want him to loose his job, so I won't talk to my principal.
Somehow it was just two (a little to drunk) adults having some fun but it just feels kind of weird...


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i see no reason for you needing to make up a story since you are both consenting adults that shared a night in bed. seems you need to be more honest to lose all your anxiety from story telling. you should act warm and friendly with teacher since you enjoyed sex together.