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i keep losing friends...


New Member
recently one of my best friends just stopped talking to me out of nowhere. and now one of my other friends has blocked me on all social media. i keep trying to figure out what i’ve done wrong but i sincerely don’t know what i did to upset them. we’re in a friend group, too, so i’m always around them and i constantly feel left out like no one wants me to be there. i always think about all the stuff they could be saying about me behind my back, calling me names and stuff. it makes me even more upset. i try to be a good friend and always think of them whenever i want to go out or want to buy them gifts. i know i have my faults but i don’t understand what’s happening. i don’t want to lose them. i love them and have gotten so close to them but they’re cutting me off. pls help, i don’t know what to do. should i talk to them about it? :(

Maria Sangria

New Member
Firstly, don’t ever worry about someone not liking you or wanting to keep the friendship. The best friendships are genuine friendships where BOTH people are mutually interested in one another’s well being. “When you lose one friend you gain 8 more.”
Secondly, it could be that you are trying so hard for them to like you which is making you appear phony. Try falling back and see if they reach out to you. If they don’t, it’s probably a good indicator that they do not want the friendship and therefore whether you keep trying or not it’ll never be genuine/mutual.
People of all ages and walks of life lose people they thought were a “friend.” It’s part of life, babyg. Make sure to be your own best friend first !


If they really are your friends, they would say the problems in front of your face, not behind you.
So if they don't say anything and just left, maybe they are not the good friends.
Tell me, did they ask you to do something that you don't enjoy? Like wearing the same make-up products, or buy the certain clothes, or tell you what to do and not what to do?
If they do, then why do you bother to be with them.
First, leave the group for days, see if anyone talked to you. If they didn't, then leave them.
You definitely should talk to them about it. You might have done something without even realizing it.
Or they might have thought you did something even though you didn't.
Talking about it should clear up any misunderstanding.
If they heard any negative gossip about you, they should keep an open mind and maybe ask you about what they heard. Good friends do that. ;)
(They shouldn't let rumors/gossip influence how they think about you or how they treat you.) :)