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I Fell For My Best Friends Cousin


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It all started in December around Christmas time when my friend's cousin found his way into my life. It started out as just harmless texting and maybe a few FaceTime calls. I already knew that he was a hoe and I knew that many girls wanted him because he was/is such an handsome human being. I've never been in a real relationship let alone had any male friends that I was close with because I would get played by a nigga or the niggas that I tried to be friends with would end up trying to talk to me. In this case we started as friends and he never seemed to try anything with me and I clearly wasn't trying to be anything more than friends because what we had honestly was good. As days passed by with our harmless friendly conversations we began to drift closer and we started to label our friendship like at first he started out as my Junior as I was his because he said that "I'm always trying to be like him" lol. He wanted to come best friends as our texts and calls began to be a everyday 24/7 type thing or that I had other male friends or maybe he wanted to be above them and I didn't have a problem with that one bit. I got to actually know the nigga I that know his birthday is in February, I know that he loves to play games on ps4, I know that he loves his mom, I know he has two or three brothers and two younger sisters, his cousin (my bestfriend) is his favorite person, he hates candy, he loves basketball and so much more. I spent my days rather it be early morning or late at night on the phone with him laughing, yelling maybe even screaming because he got under my skin like that. He made me happy, he made me mad, he made me sad, he made me want to kill him, he made me want to care like haven't my whole life. Long story short my happiness began to end when I found out he had a girlfriend and he wasn't aware that I knew but I knew. I seen her at a couple of his games and even his last game that lead me to such depression and sadness.
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I know it's hard but try not to let it get you down so much. I've fallen for my best friend's cousin AND a guy who had a girlfriend so I can definitely relate. But the most you can do right now is wait it out and remember that most relationships don't last forever, eventually he'll be single!