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I feel so ugly!

So I think I am very ugly and unattractive, deep down I know pretty doesn’t really have a complete cookie cutter idea but I can’t help feeling disgusting.
Are there any tips you could give on making myself more pretty but also just feeling more confident in my own skin!

The photo is me



My dear, you are beautiful! Don't ever think that you aren't! If you are getting this feedback from your "friends", just ignore them. I'm sure you can get true friends elsewhere. From your picture, I can see you have an attractive face, beautiful hair, and I'm sure you have a normal teenage figure. And most importantly, I'm sure you have a very pleasant personality. I'm sure any other responses here we say the same thing.

Hugs, Charlene


Um...if that's a photo of you what could you possibly be thinking? You're amazing looking! I'm not trying to give you a pat answer to make you feel better. Seriously there's not a problem there. Did someone tell you that you weren't pretty? And if they did, what DO they consider pretty??
Your hair is beautiful and you have good skin. I can't see all of you in the pic but I can tell you look fine.
So, now that we've established you don't have any physical shortcomings, the best advice I can give is to have confidence in yourself. That's the first thing others pick up on. If you carry yourself with assurance and your head held high instead of being too understated and self conscious, you'll be what you project and others will see it too. You're beautiful, own it!


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You're really beautiful!
There's no need to use makeup or to change your appearance, what matters is that you love yourself first! Self love is the best form of beauty :)


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Are you crazy?? You look so pretty! We have all been through this and I know how it feels but seriously just try to love yourself and treat to you as if you were your best friend. Take care of your body but mostly take care of your soul be nice to people, smile and forgive. That's the way to feel good with yourself and everyone around you!


Who told you that you are not pretty? I looked at your photo and i am damn sure that you are pretty, gorgeous and beautiful in your school/high school or College.