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I don't know if he likes me, wanted just sex or wants to be just friends?


New Member
I'm not even sure where to begin but I have to apologize if my English is bad.

So, I started in a new school this fall and there is this guy in my class. At the beginning of the semester my computer broke down and he helped me to try to save the files on it and because of that we started to talk to each other a little. Time went by and we chatted sometimes a little. Then after one party we had he started he started teasing me, not much though, and I have realized it all afterwards.

A month went by and then we had another party. Before the party we played soccer and hung out at our classmates place. That evening I got the feeling that he was trying to hit on me. He teased me a lot and sometimes touched me. At night we went to a club and a couple hours later he walked me home. Yeah, we were a little, or a little bit more, drunk and ended up kissing in my bed.

After that he started teasing me a little more. Sometimes he even poked at my boob :D we started to be with each other a little bit more at school, but only in groups, not together alone. We started to message each other and I was getting a feeling he might like me. We walked really close to each other and my friend started talking to me that he would like me. She didn't know that we had kissed.

A week ago my friend and I were drinking at my place and I invited him here too and he came. We had fun, we talked and laughed a lot. Eventually my friend left and I was left alone with him. Yeah, we were drunk again and well, we had sex. Almost right after that he just left with a hurry. He sent me a message saying that he wanted that to be just a one night thing. He said that he didn't want to use me because I was drunk and doesn't want me to think that he's a d*ck. I know that he has bad experiences about his past relationships and he mentioned them with a couple of words too.

We didn't see each other or talk after that until today at school. Everything was pretty normal, almost like nothing had happened. He teased me a little but not as much as before. Though he hadn't had any sleep last night so he was pretty tired. I got a feeling that he might now be taking me more of as a friend but I AM an overthinker so I'm not sure if I can say anything anymore to this right now.

I was scared that seeing him would be awkward and that he wouldn't talk to me at all so I'm relieved that seeing him again wasn't like that. But I do have a huge crush on him and I have no idea what he is thinking about me. So, I have to ask, how does this sound? Did he want just sex and was that all because of that or..


Staff member
It's hard to know what he was thinking or feeling.

I would guess that he only wants to be friends with you (because he sent you a message saying that he wanted sex with you to be just a one night thing).

Have you had a chance to spend more time with him? Has he told you how he feels?