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I can't get wet


New Member
I have been having sexual relationships with my boyfriend since the beginning of our relationship but I don't know why, I simply cannot get wet. I've been with others before him and this had never been an issue. He says that he has never been with a girls who has had this problem but he also says that it doesn't really matter as we can still do it after a lot of pushing which causes him as well as me pain. This really frustrates me because it is not like if he doesn't turn me on or we don't do enough foreplay (where I am also dry); I simply don't understand, I want to be able to enjoy every part of sex. I sometimes feel as if I can't completely satisfy him because of this.

I've read different articles about the reasons why this happens and what to do but I'd like to know if this has happened to you and what you do to deal with it both physically and mentally. What can I do?


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Im the same as you ive had boyfriends in the past, and my soon to be husband when we first got together everything was great but now i dont seem to be in the mood as much and when we do have sex it hurts me because im not wet, weather this has something to do with stress ( hate my job) or what im not sure, would love to know if you sorted your situation out (not in a creepy way) just want some advice on how to rekindle the bedroom romance :)

sandy brady

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  1. DO not push. if its causing you pain its not worth it, it sounds to me like he s forcing you. so dont do it until you are wet.
  2. get checked, it might be medical
  3. dont over think it, the more you do the harder it is
  4. my rule is, if he cant get you wet, he dont deserve it. so really he needs to try harder.
  5. dont worry about satisfying any man. men s parts are very sensitive, it doesnt take much to get them going. so really you dont need to try, its the other way around.
  6. try exploring yourself. see what you like and tell him how to do it.
  7. every boyfriend should research. this is as much your problem as it is his. he should find new ways to excite you.