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I am worried about my son


New Member
Hi. It was my birthday yesterday, and i turned 36.
Now today i am very confused, and actually worried about my son.
He is 16, not far from 17, and he seems to be doing very well. Has a job and is looking forward to taking driving lessons, though he has started drinking a bit younger than i would like.
But, there has been a few things concerning me.
About one month ago, out of the blue, while i was making supper, he asked me if i liked black men.
Now, yesterday, for my birthday, he bought me a pair of high heels.
Now i am maybe making a mountain out of a mole hill. But i find this very strange.
I have no previous experience in bringing up a 16 year old, but i just find it odd that high heels would be at the top of the list to buy for a mother.
Can anyone give their opinion on this? as this is not something i want to bring up with friends or family.
Thank you


Staff member
❇ Woo-hoo! ❇ ☆ Happy belated birthday, hon. ☆ And welcome to our little corner of the Internet. ⛲

Now, regarding your son. It all depends on the context.
If, for example, you're a single mom, he might want you to start dating again and he knows this great guy (who happens to be African-American though that shouldn't matter. It's not like you're racist or anything! Right!)
If you're a happily married woman, your son may be thinking about becoming a cross-dresser (and wants to try on your shoes - literally and figuratively - first, and possibly borrow them). He may also be gay and met this great guy (who happens to be African-American though...) and this is his way of slowly coming out of the closet.

But being an adolescent male, who knows what's going on in his head. :D I wouldn't worry too much - as long as he doesn't drink and drive.
I'd ask him;
"What made you ask if I like black men?"
"What made you decide to choose high heels for my birthday which, by the way, I love! They're adorable!" (Boys can be quite sensitive at times, emotionally fragile and all that!) ;)

Please let us know how things go (as his reasons may be completely different. It can be interesting knowing what goes through a boy's mind, sometimes. Only sometimes, though! o_O) :)