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Hey guys!! So there is this young man I might have a crush on and it started all in the swimming pool seadon he catched my eye because he was playing with his little cousins in the water and my heart did a thing since then. We saw each other often at the swimming pool again and I checked him out and then I saw that he looked at me as well and so we started to look at each other and then yesterday he was there again and I had the feeling that he followed me wuth his eyes and his body so I was in the water sitting at the side and then he swam with a friend over to my side there wasn't much space between us and then I wanted to buy some coffee abd then suddenly he was up there as well and then I moved my towel a lil bit down and I could'nt look at his side that good anymore and suddenly he moved his towel as well and looked over me and everytime when I was going into the water I felt his gaze on me and now I am confused and don't know what to do he is 5 years older than me and my parents know him well and my boss is his aunt so I don't know if Inshould make a move or let it just happen because idk if he is interested in me love is so complicatrd and I don't have anyone to talk to about this subject so thank you for your help yall <3
It seems like he's interested in you. Whether it's lust (as I'm assuming you were in your bathing suit/shorts at the pool) or whether he could genuinely be interested in you, only time will tell.

I would recommend (the next time you see him): smile and/or wave or say hi, and see what he does.
If you have a conversation with him (and don't know what to say), you can always mention that his aunt is your boss. (Sometimes it's hard to know what to say, especially when first talking to someone.)

Good luck (and I hope he turns out to be a nice boy). And welcome to Girls Forum! :)