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I’m feeling upset...:(


New Member
I’m not the most attractive person there is, but I didn’t think I was that bad... I wanted to try out makeup to help with my insecurities, but I just have no talent what so ever! I try eyeshadows and it ends up looking like a mess. My mascara makes my eyelashes look like spider legs. And my lip tint and blush makes me look like a clown. This happens every single time...Help!


Staff member
Your local community college or community center might offer classes in makeup that you could take.

I think it might be the amount of makeup you're using. I'd try to use less and see if that helps. :)
Maybe you could use vaseline on your lips and just apply a thin layer, for example.
For eye-shadow, I would recommend a light/pastel color (or a color close to your natural skin color).
You might need a different brand of mascara with a different brush, just brushing your lashes once (and maybe just brushing the tip of your lashes). A different brand might have a different consistency and might be thicker, so it'll stay on your eyelashes better, too.

Also, you can always ask the ladies at the cosmetics counter in large department stores to help you with ideas and tips for applying makeup. Some will even give customers a "makeover" for free, especially in high-end department stores.

I've always found that the best way to look pretty is to wear a smile. They're free and if someone doesn't have one on their face, you can give them one of yours. ;)

One way to help with our insecurities is to accomplish something, achieve something important. It gives us self confidence and we make the world a little better.
It's an old saying but: ultimately, it's not important how we look on the outside but, rather, who we are on the "inside". ✨