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Humiliating A Boyfriend


be good lady

i have been dating a guy for about two months on and off. He is a handsome muscular white english senior at my high school with a great personality and is awesome sexually. we have a lot in common about sports, friends, clothing and especially over active hormones, we are always making out in his car, friends houses and at school. i can't keep my body away from him and he all over me when we are together.

yesterday at the school gym he was in a wrestling match with a taiwanese sophomore i dated before him. my current boyfriend is 19, 185 pounds and 5'10 ". the taiwanese sophomore is smaller than him at 16, 140 pounds 4' 9". he has studied martial arts and wrestling since he was 10. He pinned my boyfriend three times in a row. my boyfriend face was red and he called me a nasty name (little bixxh) for laughing at him and congratulating my ex boyfriend. when we got to his car i tried to tongue kiss him as apologize he threw me against his car, called me a bad name (little whxxe), and told me to never embarrass him like today again. i walked home and have avoided him today.

was i wrong to laugh due size differences and congratulate my ex boyfriend? should i apologize to him and continue our relationship or break off from him for pushing me against his car and calling two vulgar names in public.?