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How to Take Weird Comment from A New Friend


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I’ve recently became friends with one of my fiancé’s friends from work and we’ve hung out off and on and went on double dates for around 6 months or so. She’s always been really nice although we haven’t really became close enough to go do things just the two of us like I do other friends I meet. Recently, we all went to an event together and she said something to me that hit me the wrong way and honestly as hard as it is to admit I’m having a hard time just shaking it off. We all met up at a hotel and rode in the car to the event together and once we got there we hung out in the parking lot for a few minutes before going in to find a seat. We were all hanging out by the car and all kinds of other girls and guys were walking into the event and this blonde walked by and she said ‘oh she’s cute. That blonde. This is why I hate coming to places like this because you see all these cute girls and it makes you feel like you wish you looked like them’ Keep in mind me and the other girl saying this are both really attractive people so I was confused why she would feel that way. I just kind of brushed it off and said ‘yeah...’ and then she went on to say that there is this super pretty girl who always asks her to hang out with her and be friends and she said she always tells this girl ‘heck no, I can’t hang out with you. She’s way too pretty and there’s no way I’m standing beside her and Hanging out beside someone that pretty.’ When she said this I honestly felt 2 feet tall. I remember thinking and feeling like ‘okay so you’re hanging out with me because you think I’m not as pretty as you or that were on the same level.’ How would you take this? I can’t explain the way I felt but it hurt my feelings and I felt like it was a total jab at me to say ‘hey you’re not as pretty as me or were on the same level...’ I am an extremely genuine person who builds others up and I would never downplay anyone. Thoughts?? How would you all take this?


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A lot of women are very attractive but they have low self-esteem and they don't see the beauty that we see. (It's like when someone is anorexic but they think they look "fat".)

Maybe this is why the other woman only "hangs out" with you when you all are double-dating. She might not want to hang out with you (one on one) because she thinks you're cute/pretty also. (She kind of had to stand next to you in the parking lot because you arrived together.)
If I was in your shoes, I would have thought: "Hey, wait a sec! Are you saying I'm not pretty?!!" :confused: :D She might not have meant any offense but it would have rubbed me the wrong way. ;)

You're an extremely genuine person so you're beautiful on the inside as well on the outside - regardless of what others say or think. Please take comfort in that. :D

sandy brady

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not gonna lie. i like this gurl. she s honest.
I dont think she s saying your less pretty than her. she s just saying that you dont completely over shadow her.
i agree with the above, make a joke out of it, be like "so am not pretty?" she ll be put on the spot and you ll find out what she really meant.
also, people have different meanings of pretty, like for me someonewith dimples is pretty. so maybe she meant the girl has something you dont. which is not an issue.
daily am like, crap that girls so tall! she s got nice hair! nice eyes! etc