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How to message a guy after you first meet


New Member
Ok so basically me and a friend went out last night and we met this group of guys who approached us, one being interested in me and he and I really vibed. But towards the end of the night I started feeling uncomfortable because my friend and the other guys were telling me to kiss the guy. I didn’t do it but it kind of put me off. We exchanged contacts and it’s been a day so I just wanted to know, should I hit him up, or leave it since he hasn’t hit me up yet? I typically don’t like making the first move but after previous opportunity with a guy and I didn’t message him and he didn’t message me, I wished I did. But if he hasn’t messaged yet, does that mean he is uninterested?


Staff member
It's hard to know what goes through someone else's mind but some boys have this "game" they play where they don't contact the girl straight away (because they don't want to seem desperate).

If you really like this guy, I would suggest contacting him and maybe explain;
that you hope he didn't get offended because you didn't want to kiss him,
that it's nothing personal against him,
that you don't like kissing boys you just met
(and see what he says). Then if he wasn't/isn't interested, you'll find out eventually by the way he treats you.


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Ooo ok thank you for the advice. As an update, he ended up messaging me and we spoke a bit but haven’t spoken for like 4 days now lol, the convo we had was good tho, so maybe it was just to chat.