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How to make hair stay straight?

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, and somewhat thick. After showering, and washing and drying my hair, I have to straighten it to make it look tidy, otherwise it doesn't look like I've even brushed it (even though I have). So here's the problem:
I have both a straightening iron and a straightening brush, both straighten my hair fantastically well, they both smooth out all the curls, even my fringe (which is curlier as it's shorter). But I can spend ages straightening my hair until it's perfectly straight, but it never seems to STAY straight. Around afternoon, the waves/curls are coming back, even if I use heat protector.
What do you suggest?
Smooth a dime-size amount of a straightening creme throughout the hair to get it ready for flat iron and blow drying. don't overdo it too much will make hair limp instead of straight. use a round bristle brush. carefully comb hair straight will blow drying. add herbal gel to keep hair straight as possible.
Hi rabbithabit, thanks for your reply.
What sort of straightening creme do you recommend? I'm looking for reasonably priced, yet decent. My hair is somewhat thick (as mentioned) and is around collar bone length.
I think it also depends on the hair iron you're using. Most of the time, especially if you have thick hair, you need to invest in a really good hair straightener. What brand are you currently using? I would suggest maybe trying something from Cloud Nine. The Wide Iron one that they have works really well for thick hair. And you can even use it on slightly damp hair, so less time using a blow dryer, I say.
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I've just started using this one that steams my hair too which is super hydrating! I absolutely love this tool. My hair stays straight all day long!
I don't currently have any photos of it, sorry.
As mentioned in the first post, if left natural and loose it looks messy as if it hasn't been brushed, even though it has been. It's especially worse after blow drying, which turns it into frizz which of course looks untidy! I'm not saying I don't like curly or wavy hair though.
Hi, Mally.
I so understand you, because I had the same problem:(. I tried so many oils, but nothing helped. Unfortunately, I understood that only hair straightener will be able to help me. Therefore I decided to invest in a good one. I chose it on BestAdvisor. I think the name of this site says for itself;) At least I don't impair my hair and don't spend much time of this process:D. The length of my hair reaches the waist, but I spend only 15 minutes for making my hair flat and tidy. I think it worth it;)
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Most of the straightening brushes are suitable for all types of hair. But curly hair needs a special tool for straightening.There are also some tips for longer effect after straightening. For example, you can cover your hair with special oil. It can be used with straightening brush or iron.
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Thanks for all the replies!

ShyMJ, It's somewhere between wavy and curly, it would go really curly if cut "boy" short; the length it is now, just past my shoulders, it's wavy with curls in places, and generally looks untidy unless either straightened or worn up.
Vinegar might smell but it’s the perfect medicine for your hair. It helps smooth the tangles, close the cuticles, break down the residue, and balance the required pH level. Mix one-part water to one-part apple cider vinegar and rinse your hair with the mixture after you are done with shampooing. Wash your hair after a few minutes and you will not even require applying the conditioner afterwards.
I think you can try not only protector, use a bit of hairspray to make it stay longer if you need, but don't forget to wash your hair at the evening, because hairspray can make your hair very mess at night. Also maybe try to use a stronger brush. I have very curly hair and now use Dafni hairbrush (you can read the review on this brash here), it heats up really quick and straight my hair fast and make it stay longer.
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