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How to keep 'downstairs' tidy


New Member
I shave my vigina once every three days around about, but it looks so ugly as I get red spots and the hairs grow back really quickly also. Is anyone else the same?

Also i've tried waxing but it was too painful and i've never found any good hair removal cream.

What do you guys do?


New Member
Instead of shaving or waxing. Just keep the hair short. Don't shave all the way to the skin. That's how you get ingrown hairs. I want to let you know, you have hair down there to keep bacteria out. When you get rid of the hair, you're more vulnerable to bacteria and infections.


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I would go with waxing. Although you mention that it's painful, note that the more often you have it done, the less painful it is. If you wax, your hair will also grow in much softer and not so coarse (which is what it would be if you shaved). I've been having waxing done for years and it's noo where near as painful as what it was initally. I would also recommend that you do your research on Salon's that provide this treatment. This treatment should take around 1/2 an hour to 40mins - any salon which says it can be done quicker - AVOID IT!

I'm guessing you've had a very painful experience through a Salon which hasn't provided you with the correct treatment and care which is defo needed to carry out this particular treatment. It's a very sensitive treatment and it needs to be done properly. I would give it another go for sure and avoid shaving completely. You'll have a lot more confidence in your appearance there, if it's not covered in a mass of red spots.

I hope this helps...


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I have tried LITERALLY everything. Waxing is too painful and shaving makes the skins very rough. My life got easier after I started using HairFree. I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to get rid of unwanted hair. It removes the hair permanently. Highly recommened.