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How to focus healing ourself?


New Member
I get a great hurdle, emotional test of life that's a man to be husband will get married to a girl who i though was a good friend.
I shocked about the news and when i try to confirm it to that girl, she only laugh even though she knew my relationship whit that man. Until now she never straight come to me honestly.
I confused with my feelings. I angry to them but shockingly, i doesn't get too hurt about it.
Is it a numb period before i realize the wound?
Please your advices, i want to heal my self and focus again to my own life


Well-Known Member
I gather (by what you said), that a man was going to marry you but, instead, is going to marry someone whom you thought was your best friend. How good of a friend was she if she laughed at your pain and wasn't honest? You're better off with someone else as your best friend, hon.

Have you talked to the man who was going to marry you? Did he say why he broke off the engagement?

Maybe you're not too hurt by the news because you know you're better off with a man who will be faithful to you.

One way to heal is to talk to us (and your friends) and in time, hopefully you'll find someone else. I recommend being busy and meeting new people, also. :)


New Member
I’m sorry you have to deal with that. Couldn’t imagine how you feel. A few questions though, are you upset because you love him, or because you had already seen the life you could’ve had with that man and you wanted it. Does it really matter that it was with him or did you just see yourself being married? Are you waiting to feel the betrayal that you think you should be feeling in this situation, or is this just an unexplainable situation.