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How to fix/find my style *PLEASE HELP!!!*


New Member
Let's face it... I'm a country farm girl with a broken sense of style.
I'm not really interested in guys thinking I'm hot, sexy etc. But I would like to look more attractive and stop being afraid of the mirror. I used to be comfortable with my misshapen and cracked style sense, but now I just hate everything I wear, how dirty I ALWAYS look and how my makeup looks good, but doesn't really improve my cowgirl jeans. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very lucky girl, with plenty of great features, but I usually come out of the bathroom looking like a model in the face, with my hair pulled back in a messy unattractive ponytail, with total barn hair. I'll look in the mirror and see the same pair of jeans, converse or boots, a tee shirt or maybe a tank and if I'm LUCKY a necklace. I just am sick and tired of being laughed at and judged by other girls my age. I'm 6'2" so I feel uncomfortable in heels (I have a couple pairs), and my style is a mix of vintage x cowgirl x wanna be sexy girl
I fail them all. I just want to look nice for once instead of looking like I got hit by a dumptruck. My mom won't help and won't let me wear crop tops, bikinis, short jean shorts and any bra over a trainer... I'm 17. I just need advice on style... anything will help. I want to look like a little bit of Instagram model mixed with a little honest country and some natural beauty. HELP!!!!


Staff member
You might like to make an appointment with a stylist/beauty salon (if you're not under lockdown anymore) and hopefully they can offer suggestions to change your hair style.

If girls are laughing at and judging you, hon, they probably don't feel very good about themselves so they try to make others feel as bad as they feel (because misery loves company).

Some high end stores will offer advice regarding style. (They may want you to buy the most expensive clothes but they often give good advice when helping you choose a style - maybe something you hadn't thought of before.) :)