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How to do a messy bun?

Ok so this is literally probably the easiest hair style and iv'e watched like what seems a thousand vids on how to do a messy bun and iv'e tried a lot of different methods but none of them seem to work ugh. any tips of advice.? i have Long Long, Layered hair and side bands. my hair is also kinda thin.


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Maybe your hair is too soft? I have really soft and thin hair and my haidresser said that no mather what would she do, my haidoo won't last for more than 3 hours.

Ellie Wallace

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If you are looking for simple tricks for your hair then apart from messy bun you can also try french braid buns . It is very easy to do this and it will also give you a different look. You can change it the way you are dressed up or according to the occasion.Braiding & Twisting is very much in demand now a days. So I would just you to try something simple in that.
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Is your hair straight? I have long, dead straight hair that isn't thin, but also not thick and I just cannot do a messy bun. My sister however, has thick waves and manages to do it pretty much effortlessly and even she just can't get the same result with my hair. Maybe it's just better suited to certain hair types? It's such a bummer, I love the messy bun look and it just doesn't happen with my hair either. :(