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How to break up with a chatroom buddy


New Member
Weird question I know, but a guy I chat to regularly online has become really clingy and I'd like to 'break up' with him. But he's quite emotional and I think he might take it really badly. He is a long way away from me so meeting up is out of the question but his messages are becoming more and more intense.

What can I say that will let him down as gently as possible? Or should I just stop responding to him from now on? I have other friends I chat with on the same site so would like to keep using it if possible.


Staff member
It's a good question. I'm sure quite a few people are in this same position.
I think "honesty is the best policy" in this situation:
I would tell him that you enjoy talking to him but sometimes he comes across as a little too intense and it makes you feel uneasy/uncomfortable. Then when he comes to terms with that (and hopefully backs off a little),
if he's still too clingy, you can tell him that he's too clingy and you're not really comfortable with that. Hopefully he'll change and you can still be friends (the way the relationship started out).
If he acts in a negative way, you can use that to say you don't wish to communicate with him anymore - and that's your right to do so. Then hopefully you can block him and still keep in contact with your friends on the site.
Good luck, hon. :)