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how to be pretty


New Member
so, i'm new here, but i need advice. i don't think i'm that ugly, but i'm by no means pretty. no guys like me, and whenever i call myself ugly my friends don't disagree! i texted this okay looking guy once and pretended to be somebody else for a few minutes, just to mess with him; when he found out that it was me, he totally changed.
what should i do to make myself prettier?

sandy brady

  1. never define pretty . pretty has soooo many meanings! in the UK its over used, in korea it means cute, in france it means makeupless. u have to tell urself ur pretty or no1 will. believe it and it ll show
  2. never too late to adopt a new look . if ur not happy with anything , u can change it. not happy with curly hair? straighten it. not happy with weight?workout . its U who defines how pretty u feel!
  3. think of what U feel will make U feel pretty, everyone else will accept it.
Take it from me, I used to be absolutely average in everyway! I used to feel unpretty daily. Then i hit 16 and decided I define me. So i sat down and thought of how to make me better. i dont like my curly hair, so i looked for hair styles, hair treatments etc. I dont like my height, i wear heels, i dont like my double chin, i tried (failed) to get rid of it and now i just accept it lol . but when i look in the mirror, i see how much WORSE i could look and it makes me feel like OMG i already look great lets not go there.
You sound young so how guys behave will matter to you at that age, but dont let it define u. Guys themselves will change their attitude as they realise pretty is over rated


Just a figment
Pretty is so much in how you present yourself. If you have confidence in yourself it shows. Don't let anyone see that you're uncertain or self-conscious; that's not what you want your identity to be about. Be you, own it, love it, and others will too. Not every guy responds to the same things so don't worry about what you think others want and focus on what you want. When you feel good, that's what people will pick up on, and that's what I think is pretty.


Staff member
Sandy and twobit are exactly right. Confidence is everything. It will show. I know so many transgenders who fail in their newly chosen gender because they are constantly haunted by worry over passing. That may be why so many take their own life. I'm successful because I have a lot of confidence. By most standards of beauty I'm a plain Jane- at best. But I don't let that stop me. I'm confident and I let that show, One other bit of advice, good grooming and a nice wardrobe will always boost your confidence. So, go to a beauty shop, try a new hairstyle and then go out and buy a new outfit.


I agree with @Rhonda333
Good grooming and a nice wardrobe are terrific confidence boosters! They define your personality and taste and magnify what you're all about. Try different looks if you want and find what clicks with you, but remember it's all about how YOU feel and not somebody else.