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How to be more feminine

Hello world

New Member
So i look pretty masculine and i am sometimes mistaken as a boy

I want to be more feminine and more hot so boys like me, how do i do this


Staff member
Hon, if boys only like you because you're hot, you may not want to get involved with them. They may be superficial and are only interested in you because they're hoping to have sex with you. (Those boys often tend to cheat on their girlfriend when a "hotter" looking girl crosses their path.)

I think being feminine has a lot to do with our mind-set. Having said that, a soft-flowing feminine dress, stockings/panty-hose, and high heel shoes (as long as they're comfortable and you're comfortable wearing them) always help to make me feel feminine.
Getting a soft perm (if my hair is long enough) can also help complete the "look".

Some people suggest makeup and padding our bra but what happens when the makeup and clothes come off - will he be disappointed in the "real" us? If he's gotten to know who we are on the inside, it might not matter. If he's a shallow-type person and is more concerned with how a woman looks, he might still have sex with us (as he's there) but he may be disappointed and feel "deceived" (even justified with just using us), then break up with us. Then we'll feel we were just used by him.
I feel it's better to be ourselves. That way there's no surprises and hopefully not heartbreak, either. :)


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Well that was a big problem for me too. I solved it my watching and emulating other women I thought were attractive. How they dress, the colors they chose, their makeup and accessories. Christine is exactly right in her suggestions and I already follow her advice. One more bit of advice. Keep your personal hygiene squeeky clean.