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How old were you?


How old were you when you moved out of your parents house? I just got my own place not too long ago and my mom says I shouldn't have left but I felt that I was ready.


I was 21. I was paying rent at home but my Mom decided it was time for me to have my own place, so I moved into the same apartment building my Dad was living in. I'm so glad I did that, I got married a little over a year later, and living alone was a good experience.
I'm still there. I moved out last year to start a nursing course at uni but quit after 6 months and moved back in with my parents. As soon as I can afford to I'm moving out, but that'll probably be a while off yet, I've got a job with 11 hours a week and nothing else at the moment, so hard to find work =/


I moved out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend/future husband at 21. I was really ready to go earlier than that but I think things happen as they are meant too.
I was 16 the first time. I moved in with my brother 206kms away from the parents. That was an experience!! I knew I could always go back to my parents. I was mature for my age and just needed a little insight and guidence so my brother said I could move in with him. I learnt how to get a job and how to save money. I had to pay board to teach me about renting and he put the power bill under my name to teach me about bills and he taught me how to look after myself and keep safe when I was out and about and how to cook.

By the time I was ready to move out on my own I had a lot of the skills needed to take care of myself.


I was about 23 and I actually got married at that time, I was trying to move out before but she told me how hard it was to make it on my own. Is really would have been hard.


I moved out once I graduated college. I was 22. I started teaching high school and hated being in my parents' house like I was the one still in high school. I love living alone.


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I moved out at 16 for a little bit but eventually ended up coming back. I'm still here with my dad so far, but next year when I'm 18 I'll be out for good, not welcomed at home anymore and living far, far away. It's so scary but I'm a little excited about being independent.


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I'm only 14 but i'm already on the list for a council house. I've always been very grown up for my age and i cant wait to leave home. Planning to leave when i'm 16. But thats just me. Most of my friends are waiting til they go to college or something.

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oh my god ... in ksa we don’t have like this. girls still with they Parents to marry.
that is islam..... i like my life
if i don’t marry .....my father is Responsible for me.....
i wish for you wonderful life.


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Also in my culture, as long as the children don't marry they can still live with their parents. I'm already 23 and I tried to move out and I am until now, but my parents are asking me to go home. Although my mother always tells me that I should be prepared given my age coz there in the US, kids can already be on their own at 18.


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We Muslims are not one we have to move to if he had married
As for girls in the age of 20 Vijlsn in the house until they came to marry ..
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This Hwa right to have
i moved out when i was 20 cause i transfer schools and home is too far away so i move out and got an apt with my friend. im so glad i dont live with my parents anymore they r in the middle of divorce and all i here at home is yelling and fighting...


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I must have been 22 when I moved about 400 km away from them, it's a pity I didn't leave earlier. If there is something I regret in life - it's that. My parents weren't happy at all about me leaving, my mum was more chilled about it than my dad though who believed until this year I'd come back at some point. (they finally started renovating xD) That wouldn't ever have happened even if I didn't have my OH right now, I'd do anything to prevent moving back. I love my parents but I couldn't live with them any more, it would just harm our relationship which improved greatly ever since.


Well... I moved out tree years ago but I'm not independient.
I have always lived in a town. When we started university I had to go out to other city. I have been living there for 3 years. Despite of, my parents still give me money.