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How old is your ideal age for marriage?



Hi, Girls are not married yet, how old is your ideal age for marriage?


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Well am actually getting married next Sept. when I shall be just over twenty four years of age.

We then hope to try for a family immediately as we both do not wish to be "Old Parents".
I got married at 35...I sure enjoyed my bachelorette days!
Something about knowing you can live on your own, make the decisions, and enjoy the freedom to do anything you want sure has its perks! Now, I am married and have to cook, clean, and all those things I did for myself plus one. Thank gosh, we do not have children! Sometimes I miss being single again...but I don't miss the dating scene or being lonely. During my single days, I have seen the world, experienced wonderful things, and gained the confidence to be able to live on my own. I know I don't have to depend on anyone to help me in this world...and that helped pick a soulmate who is understanding and a great lover!

Elisa g

I think that it depends if you would children or not because if you would them it's better about 25 because of your energy to grow up them, if not also 30- 35 so you can enjoy your single life :)


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Best age to marry would be when you think you are mature enough or would be able to accept the responsibilities of being a wife/partner and potential mother [emoji4][emoji16]


i want to be with him for at least 3 years of living together plus both of us should have a stable income for raising a kid


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I'd say upper twenties. It gives me time to establish certain things in my life but also not waiting too long. I don't want to lose my charms before they've done me some good.


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I think 25 is a good age to get married bc ur at a mature age and u got all ur priorities in a row.


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i got hitched when fifteen obviously too young. i think should be at least twenty before getting married after dating many people and being in a mono relationship with that person for at least a year.

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