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How much should I weigh?


I am 5'1" in height, and I think for my height and frame size, 8 stone would be correct. I currently weigh between 9 stone 11 and 10 stone 2.
My mom says I should be between 8 1/2 stone and 9 stone, as I am taller than her. She by the way is somewhat heavier than she should be.
I am, but only by 2 inches (she's 4'11"), and I am a much smaller frame than her; she is a large frame (so could weigh what I do now, and it be correct for her), whereas I am between small and medium frame; so it looks a bit jelly-like on me in places, especially around my legs and tummy.
Who's correct?


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No one is correct, the important thing is how do you feel comfortable with yourself. You have to live with your body, no one else.
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When I put my height and wieght into a BMI tester, it says I should be between 7 and 9 stone, I feel 7 1/2 - 8 stone would be correct on my height and frame.

Heres what I mean about frame, and why I put my frame size between small and medium:
My hands are smaller and My nails are too small to wear false nails (especially when it gets to my pinkie, none will fit), I take a size 4 or 5 in shoes (a 5 in a kids, sometimes I can wear kids things, but thats due to the length and not the width of my foot). My teeth look like baby teeth even though they're not! As a kid, I had problems finding a watch strap to fit (My dad had to make extra holes in one that I had when I was six).
Also, I know I'm not small boned, I don't look tiny or fairy-like, but with my height and frame size now, anything bigger than a size 12-14 at maximum looks stupid.

sandy brady

although i agree that everyone is diff. I do believe u should weigh about 8 stone for ur height. before anyone says that am encouraging weight loss, hear me out.
being heavier than 8 stone for ur height means the body has more to carry. it can cause serious complications and could lead to worse health. it can effect ur bones, blood flow and even ur growth .
I am 5ft1 too , i weigh about 7 stones. its not about conforming to standards but its about keeping myself healthy. when i gain weight i feel sluggish and it feels like am carrying the world on my shoulders, my feet hurt and i cant stand for too long. if this sounds like u then ur mum sounds right. I used to get nagged at by mum when i gain weight and used to ignore her and think she was being mean but the end of the day she is right scientifically.