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How Much Is Too Much Makeup?

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I just replied to another thread talking about my conversations with men. Have you ever asked a man how much makeup they like on women? The answer shocked me. I always thought they preferred women who used makeup to look nicer. Almost every one of my male friends claims to prefer women who wear no makeup, or just a little. They hate women who wear heavy makeup.

Those few conversations changed my attitudes about makeup. I threw out half of my makeup and use very little now. It feels great and according to the guys, I look better.
I learned the same, less IS more!
Having youthful tight skin that is blemish free is just so pretty...natural face tones really glow when your in a happy peaceful mood!
I agree with you, I just wear a bit of that lippy when I want to (which is mostly on some special occasions). Girls who wear a lot of makeup, I do not judge them because they may wear it because they feel as if it makes them feel prettier. But the ingredients in makeup could cause your face to soon not be able to live without makeup. Simplicity is key...
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Victoria Hamill

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I must disagree!
I think It's wrong to say that I hate girls who wear lot of makeup! I think every girl should wear as much makeup as they feel comfortable with.
You shouldn't throw your makeup away and change your makeup routine just to like somebody, You should stay You and not to be someone else, just to like somebody! Sorry, just my opinion.
Me as an example, I like makeup and I like wearing makeup, My makeup routine starts with eyebrows and ends with lipstick! Also I use foundation, concealer, powder, sun powder, blush, highlighting powder, eyebrow pencil and gel, mascara, eye-shadows, eyeliner and bright lipstick every day! I have a boyfriend, we have been together 7 years, and he loves me. So it's wrong to say boys hate girls who wear lot of makeup. All my friends and family are so used to me and my makeup habits.
So after this long post I want to say, You should be you an wear as much makeup as you want and no one has the right to tell you anything!
(so, sorry for any spelling or grammatical mistakes)