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How many of your girls grill


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I know outdoor grilling has always been considered a man's occupation. But they don't have any exclusive right. I don't really have an 'outdoor' , just an apartment terrace, but I have a really nice gas grill out there and I grill throughout the year. Usually its just for me and Luciano (the cat) so I'd do a steak for me and shrimp for him. Sometimes I get lucky and have a real date I can grill for. Funny thing, the man, (when it is a man) most always wants to take over and do the grilling himself. Maybe I am bucking a million years of evolution, so I quietly give way and retire to the kitchen,


I don't grill as a rule. I sometimes help when my dad is grilling and he has his hands full. Or sometimes we take turns, but it's not something I feel the need to do unless it helps out. I don't really like to cook.