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How Long You Date Before You Get Married?


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There not necessarily a deadline for me for dating but I guess I'll marry my potential husband (not now, possibly when I'm in my 20's) once I know that he is the right one for me. Doesn't matter if the relationship was only 3 months or lasted 4 years. In the end, he shouldn't be someone I could live with... as it's easy to find other guys like that but more importantly, he should be someone I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT.[emoji4][emoji4][emoji7]


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I moved into my fiances parents house after being with him 11 months (june 2011) we got our own apartment (march 2013) he proposed in july 2014. We are in the process of planning a wedding and buying our first home together. I will say i did nag about the marriage thing because i felt that 4 years was a really long time. I told myself if by the 5th year he didnt do it then i was going to walk away. It seems unfair and it doesnt mean i dont love him but i was starting to feel like we wanted different things out of life. Im so glad he finally proposed because I love him and I didnt want to feel like I wasted 4 or 5 yesrs of my life.


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To my mind it really doesn't matter! I met my future husband in the Internet 7 months ago! I don't believe! I'm so happy, girls..
So, I was a single and lonely lady, my friends wanted me to get married. They suggested to look for a boyfriend in the Internet. First I thought it was a joke but they were so persistent... and all in all I've done it! I corresponded with several guys but soon I communicated only with one. He was handsome, widely-read and intelligent. We had very interesting conversations. We started to date and guess what! After half a year he made a proposal! Of course I accepted it because now he is the sense of my life:) And one more thing..please congratulate me and pray for us!
Girls, I just want to say that it doesn't matter how long you are together with you bf, if you love him and can keep no secret from him, you can become a good wife and mother. I guess that marriage doesn't mean a restriction of freedom, but stability and understanding.
Goog luck:)
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Masha N.

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A friend of mine was dating for 7 years before he has been married with his girlfriend. But latest 5 years they were living together in one apartment. So actually they was 'dating' for 2 or 3 years only.

Shannon Roberts

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Really, it all depends on the couple...
Me and my fiancé have been together 3 years in October this year and we have been engaged since new years eve/day.
We are planning our future but its going to be a bit of time before we get married and have a child....
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Guess when you get a feeling that you are ready to connect your life with the one.
When you don't afraid to lose your freedom. And feel that you are ready to do everything for this person - it's time to get married.

Marriage - is a commitment with no way back. You both are responsible for each other no matter what. Not like just dating when you can get out any moment when something goes wrong.

Plus...I guess a status of Wife and Husband - sounds really cool.:)


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I dated with my husband for 3 months but it was my bad decision. I should spend more time with him rather than getting married. From my point of view, at least take 1-1.5 years for understanding a guy. Guys are so mean and they lied a lot beyond our imagination. Never trusted their every words when you dated with him


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Different strokes for different folks. I've known people who went for 7 years before getting married and others who have jumped in after half a year. Both couples are still together and the half year couple actually seem more content because they knew the real deal when they saw it. It's about chemistry, trust and mutual respect. When you're lucky enough to find and recognize it, the time frame doesn't matter that much. But it's good to put pride and ego to the background when considering what true love is and differentiating the difference between that and infatuation.

Regina E. Cohen

For me I had two bad experiences the last one after three yrs together we finished by broke-up so I m not married yet ,but with no regret because I feel the real freedom ,sure I miss to be with my man ,but I will wait for the right one
I think its however long you want until you feel confident enough that you want to be with this person for the rest of your life.you will never be one hundred percent sure but you can tell at a certain point that you cant imagine anything going wrong or if something does hopefully not in the near future you can solve the problem together. In my opinion it should be long enough until you know the person so well that the rose colored glasses are off but not too long that if you go into problems you think that person is no longer right for you. you should commit so someone and get married right away when you are as positive as you can be that you want to marry them. I think its good to get married somewhat early but not too early because you dont want to doubt yourself too much and end up with no one or the wrong choice. I dont have any really experience with romantic relationships, but my friends do and looking at them I think they wait a good amount of time anywhere from eight months to a year. but if you still dont feel comfortable after a year i think thats fine to wait one more year, in my opinion it could get too long but there are circumstances where that works and it the right thing to do, like if the person is not trust worthy but wants to change and is doing major progress. I would also advise to wait longer if you have some core values oyu disagree with but you are hopeing they will change, if they dont in a matter of a few years its best to find someone who has the same core values. sorry my response is long but if people are not interested they dont have to read it.


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I would wait about a year after he proposes marriage before getting married.
I know it sounds like a long time but we go through an "emotional honeymoon" period at the beginning of a relationship - where everything seems wonderful, where everything the other person does is cute and charming.

Then, after awhile, sometimes what they do starts to be annoying and not so charming.
This is normal but if we still love the person after we've learned their faults and see them for who they really are, then the relationship just might last. ;)

The reason I mentioned a year after he proposes marriage is because the man often takes longer to realize he loves the woman. So his "emotional honeymoon" period may start after he realizes he loves the woman too.


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Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

Of course, there are always exceptions to the "rule" (and my advice was 'generally speaking') - I know of a couple who got married after two weeks and they're still happily married after ten years - but generally, I wouldn't rush into having sex and/or getting married. I think it's safe to say there are more 'horror' stories than 'happily ever after' stories when we do.

(The one year length of the emotional honeymoon is just a guideline. Sometimes it can last a longer or shorter period of time. ;) )