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How Long You Date Before You Get Married?


Hmmm, I just feel curious. How long do you date before you finally settled down? One month? One year? Would you go for the same dating time frame if you get to do it all over again?


I haven't "settled down" in terms of marriage yet, but my partner and I moved in together after dating for a year, and knowing each other for several years. We have now been together for 2 years, and marriage has crossed our minds but we will be waiting, if we decide to get married at all.


Well a year or two is perfect you know in order get to know each well before getting married. And of course when you both are ready for marriage! Marriage is not childs play


I think that this time period is different for everybody, sometimes it is different for every relationship. I mean, it is kind of hard to say, I am going to be comfortable with this guy in xxx amount of time, it just happens, I don't think you can put a date on it.


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i think it depends on whether or not you feel he is the one and i don't mean the fairytale kind, cuz those don't exist. i met my husband in jan '05 and we have maybe slept apart 10 days since then. we just knew from the beginning that it was it. i think your compass has to be on, cuz if you are questioning maybe your aren't ready or he isn't right for you.


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I think that you really have to get to know the person you are dating really well until you get married. I'm in college now and my plan is to marry my boyfriend when I graduate. He is my high school sweetheart. We have been dating for 3 and a half years now and I would love to marry him now, its just not the right time in my life


It really id a case of getting to know one another VERY WELL. Live together and experience what it is like to be together all the time, shopping, cleaning, etc.. Really get to know one another before you take the leap.....but don't ever lose the romance x x x


We me and my partner have been together 10 years, engaged for 8 and no wedding in sight yet. He doesn't seem to want to just yet


me and my boyfriend are common law already since we have been living together for 14 months now.. and dating for 16 months.. we talk about getting married at least engaged in the next year or so.. :) everyone is diffrent rite so you have to be paitient.. i like going into jewelery shops and looking at rings that we would pick for eachother just to get and idea what it feels like <3


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it varies. it doesn't only depend on me but on my partner as well and how the relationship develops, of the nature of the relationship as well. there are so many factors that time seems to be but relative.
my fiance asked me after 8 months of relationship to marry him, i had nothing to worry about, it was an instant answer. i had no doubt that we will manage quite fine with anything that comes our way.
i quite disagree with august therefore. it simply depends on the couple and the relationship they have. i wonder how a person cannot be able to find out after months and months of relationship when they know what they both want and know themselves as well. what exactly takes so long? i don't get why time is so important to so many people, it is as if quantity would determine quality, like time would in some way make a telling statement about the quality of a relationship - well it doesn't - at all.

@kimmy that is the way we handle it as well, it is not far away any more. The way it looks like it's either this or next year. :D:D:D:D:D


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Hmmm, I just feel curious. How long do you date before you finally settled down? One month? One year? Would you go for the same dating time frame if you get to do it all over again?
me and my finace just got engaged after being together 3 years.
we arnt getting married until almost 5 years!
We felt comfortable enough with each other after 5 months of dating that we got a apartment together with the understanding that if it didn't work out in a year, we would separate.
So it really took us about two years to get married, with a 6 month engagement.
Before that time, I went through several relationships and realized if you didn't set a time frame, there would be no real motivation to tie the knot.
I didn't want to be a old maid.
I would feel used, vulnerable, and disillusioned .
Having said that, I wasn't married until I was in my late 20's....you should never rush into getting married.


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This thread is so seriously out of date...The OP has NOT BEEN ACTIVE for almost FIVE YEARS!

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I'm not married yet but I've been in a relationship for two years. I don't really feel we need to marry as soon as possible, we both know we love each other, marriage will probably happen just to be a nice, memorable moment in our lives and for us to get all the advantages that come out of it :) But yeah it seems we're meant to be :) We ARE talking kids and we do know our families... It won't be long :)
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