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How is the confinement going on?


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Hey girls!!! How is the confinement going on with you? I’m from Spain, most of the people are concerned about the situation in spite of some people disobey the State of Alarm. On Sunday kids will be able to go out for a walk with their family.

I know there are many girls from many countries so I’m curious :) so just if you want to write about this situation on your country, I’ll be pleased to read you.



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I'm slowly going crazy with the cat. Still I am able to seek comfort in the Cinzano. Poor Luciano has no such option. I try to cook his favorites like shrimp fried in Thai fish sauce- which is actually pretty good. I'm also reading (non fiction) like crazy.


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Not great... I'm a extrovert so I suffer from life threatening depression when I can't see people... so I finally called BS (I'm in the U.S. BTW) and started seeing my friends... it was either that or I would have been dead before the week was out. Otherwise I'm surviving... my cats are contemplating murder or suicide not sure which and my dogs are the happiest they've been in a while (mommy's always home!! :) ) My horse is happy about that too.