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How do you save money?


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I've been trying to limit my spending lately and I have been saving up for the things I want to get. I want to know the most effective way to achieve consistency on my savings.


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I only buy the essentials and I shop for the best buys. For example, I look at the price per ounce, when selecting the size of a food item. I might just save pennies but those pennies add up. ;)


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Before each purchase, you should think about whether you really need it, or whether it will benefit you?
If this is a thing that you will use once and then it will just lie, then you do not need to buy it.
Or if half of your grocery basket consists of sweets, chips and other junk food, then you don't need to buy it either, because firstly it's always expensive, secondly, it's harmful to you
By the way, a good way to save is to compare how much you need to work to buy something. For example, you want a handbag. And the cost of this bag is equal to your earnings per week. Then you will think a couple of times whether you really want this bag.