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How do you dry your hair?


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I got a lot of comments when I did my hair. I got compliments most of the time, but this time someone told me that what I'm doing to my hair will soon make me bald. Maybe their concern was the hairdryer. There are important factors to note from what I read before using a hairdryer. Misusing it may result in hair loss in the long run, and not using it with a protectant might harm your hair.


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What did you do to your hair? (What were they referring to?) :)

I wrap my hair in a towel for about a half an hour (to soak up the excess water). Then I brush it and let it air dry.


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Once you start blow-drying your hair, you have to commit. If your hair looks frizzy and flat, the hair dryer didn’t remove all of the extra moisture Take an extra few minutes to dry your hair until it is room temperature for best results. Using the right tools, like a high-pressure hairdryer and protective products, can help you move faste


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I usually don't dry my hair. But sometimes if I had to I always choose professionals or go to salons for that because right blow drying won't hurt your hair. But applying hotness to your hair when it is dry can cause weakness, breakage, bluntness, and dryness. The key to safe blow-drying is great planning and the appropriate utilization of apparatuses and items. Choosing saloons can also be sometimes difficult because of the services and rates they apply.
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