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How do u deal with all the drama


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So I'm a typical teen age 15 nearly 16 and of course there is a ton of never ending teenage drama in my life and so I was wondering how u girls deal with all ur teenage drama.

Please feel free to share ur experiences so we can support each other.

Share about anything u want


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omg... I definitely try my very best to stay as far away from drama as I can. But- it just seems to find me sometimes and I make the mistake of reacting before thinking and the next thing I have is a mess.

but sometimes not acting right away can cause problems- I’ve had like lots of times When someone will say something to me that I take offense to. Like my friend was talking to me about a play we had gone to with a few friends the previous weekend and she went on to totally insult the outfit I had worn - kind of making fun of it with the other girls. I felt really bad because I had thought a lot about that outfit and I had thought it was really cute and I don’t have a lot of self confidence anyway. So I got really hurt and mad but didn’t say anything that day or the next or next. So I stewed about it the whole time and then like 3 weeks later I finally exploded on her. It turns out I had taken what she said totally the wrong way. So i now have promised myself not to let things stew and if somebody says something that hurts me I will just calmly let them know right away. It’s been working - so far at least :)