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How do I use a dry shampoo?


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I've been wondering what dry shampoo is. I've seen it on shelves every time I go shopping but didn't have the time to really inspect it. Can anyone tell me the purpose of dry shampoo?


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If you're home and bedridden (or anywhere where you don't have running water/a lot of water), for example, and you use it, it's supposed to make your hair feel more clean, less oily.


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I know a girl who always washes her hair without water. I don't remember exactly what she uses but she had read that the water everyday was damaging to her hair. So she started using this non-water method every day like a year ago and she swears by it. I will say that her hair is really beautiful looking. I don't think i would be brave enough to try it.


With dry shampoo, you're supposed to spray it into your hair like you would hairspray; rub it in and then brush it out. It's great for when you don't have time to wash your hair.