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how do i get him?


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I have a crush, I would like to get him but it's just awkward, first off he hangs with a lot of friends in a group.
In the past he has accused me of ''stalking him'' but I haven't stalked him, I do like to stare at him sometimes due to the crush fixation on him.
I just want him to be mine, he is single and my type, I've tried some methods but all have failed, how do/or will i get him?
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I hate it when they travel in packs. It makes it so difficult to be natural and strike up an intelligent convo. And guys are always different in groups than they are by themselves. Does he dislike you? I mean, if he's accused you of stalking him, was that a joke or just showing off to his friends? Usually guys don't use the word 'stalk' all that much. If he's single and your type, you two should hit it off. What has kept this from happening?
You might want to write him a note. That way he can read it in private and doesn't have to include his friends. And you can take time to compose your thoughts when you put it in writing. Be honest, tell him what you think, just don't start off with anything too forward until you've tested the waters and seen how he reacts.


If it were me, I'd write him a note or a text (if you have his number or email), or even a hand written note you can put somewhere that you know he'll see it. The idea is to engage him in a simple conversation to clear up a few things between you. Invite him to meet with you one-on-one in some safe, comfortable, casual environment, and if/when you have him alone, let him know that you'd like to hang out or talk or whatever. Just get the door open and see how he reacts. If he shows any kind of interest you'll know it right away. If he tries to make excuses or get away, you'll know he isn't interested. Be ready for either eventuality and try to respect his choice.
The main thing is that he should be clear about his feelings when he has no friends around him to show off for. All you can really do is give yourself an opportunity to speak openly with him. What he does then will determine where it goes from there, if it goes anywhere at all.
Also keep in mind that if you just casually cross paths you can always say something if it feels comfortable. You don't have to get pigeonholed into one set approach. Trust your instincts and go with whatever feels best.
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