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How Did You Find GirlsForum?


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I had a boyfriend question and was looking for female opinion, so I Googled female forums and thought I'd give this one a try.


Google is my friend :) .....he knows all the cool places to hang out on the net


Some friends of mine are using it too, there I found my way to that also! Yes, and its a nice page, lot to talk about, so yes!


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Also for me Google is a very good friend. :D

Jessie has looked for a nice forum to join for meeting new people and after reading some posts I've decided that I want to find new friends here. ;)


i was searching for a palce to talk about girly stuff since most of my friends are male and i kinda lack female friends :D


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I was also searching on google as "girl forum " and I came and joined....last year. And this website is the best!! U can find a solution for anything......with the great helpful members u can get advice and tips on anything!
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Apparently I signed up a ways back and then promptly forgot about it. I Googled 'Girl Forums' tonight and this popped up. I didn't even remember it until I tried to sign up and was told I already had an account. So here I am. Can't imagine why I didn't hang around in the first place, this forum rocks.


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I heard about it on another forum and decided to login since I like forums and this place seemed neat - I've lost count on how many different forums I'm a member of though.